Definitive Homes Process of building your home


Listed below is the basic process the construction of your home will follow. This list was created to help you follow and understand the progress of your home. We hope you will find it helpful. You will notice that, during the construction process, some of these steps will be completed in order and some will happen concurrently.


Step 1

Pre-Construction Process

• Soil Testing (if necessary).
• Home Design/Design Review.
• Finalize Contract.
• Purchase Lot (or commence construction on lot owned by Definitive Homes).

Step 2

Site Preparation & Foundation

• Clear lot.
• Stake out house on lot.
• Dig and pour footing.

• City Inspection
• Erect foundation block walls.
• Pour garage slab.

Step 3

General Framing

• Floors, walls, ceiling, roof, decks & porches.
• Install windows and exterior doors.
• Installation of building wrap and roof paper (your home is now “dried in” from the weather.

Step 4

Exterior Trim (Cornice Detail)

• Exterior cornice work begins at the conclusion of framing and concurrently with the interior rough-ins. It should be completed prior to the roof installation.

Step 5


• Roofing is installed after the cornice is complete.

Step 6


• Mechanical contractors (plumber, HVAC, electric and structured wiring) begin their rough-ins when framing is complete.

• City Inspection

Step 7


• Insulation is installed.

• City Inspection

• Client Walk-Through, What’s in the wall?

Step 8

Exterior Siding

• Exterior siding is installed after the cornice is complete.

Step 9

Stucco/Brick Foundation

• This can be completed at anytime following erection of the foundation walls.

Step 10

Paint-Exterior siding and trim

• Color selections are needed prior to this step.

Step 11


• Board is hung and plaster is applied.

Step 12

Interior Trim

• Interior trim is started after plaster is complete.

Step 13

Cabinetry & Countertops

• Installed during interior trim.

Step 14


• The painter will work with the trim carpenters to paint the interior of the house as available. Some material will be primed prior to installation.

Step 15


• Flooring is installed.

Step 16


• Includes final grading and concrete flatwork
• One of the final steps upon completion of exterior paint.

Step 17

Final City Inspections

• Certificate of Occupancy Issued

Step 18

Client Walk-Through

• For orientation of the new home. (Client is presented with builder contact information, warranty information and a sub-contractor list).

Footing poured in Hampton Roads



Virginia Beach Framing New Construction



Chesapeake Siding



Norfolk Plaster and Drywall



Interior Painting Virginia beach



Chesapeake Flooring Installation


Click here to download a PDF of the construction process. (requires Adobe Reader to view)


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